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1~10PCS 100ml Ceramic Coating

1~10PCS 100ml Ceramic Coating

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1. Restore luster and improve paint gloss

Deeply nourish the car paint, increase the gloss of the car paint, and make the car body look new!

2. Drainage and antifouling

weather protection: advanced ceramic technology is integrated with your car paint to create a smoother appearance.

Finally, create a hydrophobic glass protective cover to make water and other garbage roll away immediately,

Prevent stains and scale from adhering to it, and always keep the paint clean.

3. Sun protection and high temperature protection

This coating forms a protective layer on the surface of your car paint, which is resistant to high temperature and

Low temperature, reduce paint damage and sun aging, and the car

UV damage corrodes and oxidizes car paint, especially in summer.

4. Risk resistance

Improve the hardness of car paint, provide protective coating for car paint, and reduce

Scratch the paint with a hard object.


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