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1~5PCS Leather Cream Conditioner

1~5PCS Leather Cream Conditioner

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1. High quality ingredients: add biological enzyme moisturizing glazing, biological enzyme molecules quickly lock, glazing brighten

2. Scope of application: all kinds of smooth leather maintenance leather color is unlimited, such as car seats, leather clothes, leather shoes, leather bags, leather sofas, car interiors, etc.

3. Product features: brighten the light, soften the cortex, after smearing on the surface of the cortex, the formation of a protective layer, with the prevention of dry, prevent aging, prolong the life of the cortex effect

4. Easy to operate: first clean the surface of the leather goods, dip the product with a sponge and apply it evenly on the surface of the cortex to be treated, and wipe it repeatedly until it is fully absorbed and dry before the leather goods can be used.


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