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60ML Super Dust Cleaning Gel

60ML Super Dust Cleaning Gel

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Weight: 50g

Capacity: 60ml

Color: blue, pink, yellow, green

【Easy to use】Very easy to use, just press the cleaning mud on the surface to be cleaned, and then pull it up, the dust and dirt will be taken away by the cleaning mud.

【Good toughness】The flexible elasticity is not easy to be broken, it can be stretched for a long time without breaking, and it is very tough.

【Healthy ingredients】 Vegetable gum cleansing mud, using water, guar gum and other environmentally friendly materials, emits plant fragrance healthily.

【Suitable for multiple scenes】Clean at any time, suitable for multiple occasions.

【 Good cleaning helper】 This product is your best helper for cleaning inconvenient areas such as gaps, corners, and small spaces


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